How to add a video clip from Youtube and insert it in a kinemaster video?

In today’s article, Kinemaster will give you complete information about how you will be able to add the clip to the YouTube video.

How to add YouTube Video Clip for Kinemaster App

To add a YouTube clip to Kinemaster, you must first download the YouTube video that you want to edit in Kinemaster.

Now when you search for information about how to download youtube videos on the internet, you will get the information, after that, you now have to open the Kinemaster app.

Now you have to insert that video in your Kinemaster and you will be able to edit it however you want.


  • Can I edit YouTube videos on KineMaster?

    You cannot edit direct youtube videos in Kinemaster, for this, you have to download and save that video on your phone.

  • How do you add clips to KineMaster?

    For this, you can open Kinemaster and select a new project, or media in it or you can go to the layer and select any video and edit it.

  • How do I share a YouTube video on KineMaster?

    You can use the share button for this, and from that, you can edit that video directly or you can go to the direct Kinemaster app and select that video and edit it.

  • Can you add a clip to an uploaded YouTube video?

    After uploading a Youtube video, no external clip of any kind can be added to it.

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